Have Old Gold Jewelry You Want To Sell? What To Do First


If there are a lot of gold pieces in a jewelry collection you were given from someone and you never wear a single piece, and you want to get rid of the items, there are some things to think about. You want to be sure that you know someone is buying the pieces for the true value that they are worth, and that you are getting a fair price. Someone may just want each item for the gold. Go over these different things.

Have Each Piece Inspected

Have each piece inspected by a gold buyer to see what each piece is worth. You won't know if the pieces are solid gold, if the gems are real, or what other issues there may be until you have it all looked at, weighed, and inspected by a jewelry and gold expert.  Ask the person what each piece would sell for.

Decide if You Are Selling for Gold or Jewelry Piece

You have to decide if you want to try to sell the jewelry as it is, so piece by piece, or if you want to get rid of it all together for the gold. If you don't think the pieces are attractive, or that anyone will want to buy them, then you will want to find a gold buyer for all the different items.

Insure and Investigate

I you have a lot of gold and you aren't sure who you want to sell it to, you may want to get insurance on it until you get rid of it. Then, decide if you want to sell the gold to someone who will buy it from you in person, or someone that is buying it online or to sell online.

Do you research and find out about any company in great detail before you give anyone any money. If the gold buyer is online, make sure that you insure the package, photograph all the pieces, and get the money that you asked for.

There are a lot of people out there that want to buy gold, and that can get you the cash that you want in a hurry. Talk with the experts and ask them how much they want to spend for your gold. They should take care of the shipping if they plan on buying it from you and live far away, and you should insure anything that you decide to ship. Contact a company, like Beaverton Coin & Currency, to get started.


7 March 2018

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