Three Ways To Disguise Your Rental ATM


If you are running an event that will require cash for participants, an ATM rental is the best way to go about having money on-site. Since cash boxes can be unreliable and are easy to steal, an ATM is much easier to manage. The one downside of an ATM rental is that it can take away from the overall look of your event. An ATM will need a power source, so it is likely that power cords will need to run to the machine. On top of needing power, the machine may also develop a line. Here are some ways to hide an ATM inside of your event so that it does not take anything away from the aura of the room. 

Use a curtain

If you wish to hide an ATM inside of an event room, you can use the help of a curtain. A black free-standing curtain will allow ATM users to utilize the machine without an audience. A black curtain will also keep the machine from popping out into the view, especially if it is kept on the perimeter. Allow the machine to be placed inside of a corner in order to make the curtain easier to place and hide the entirety of the ATM and the person. 

Make the machine a part of the decor

If the ATM that you rent is a large, free standing machine, you can make it a part of the rooms decoration in order to take away from its presence. Decorate the back of your ATM or use it as a stand to place other items. This way it serves another logistical purpose for the event and event users can pop to the other side of the ATM to withdraw money if they feel a need. Be sure that the ATM is in a place that will be easy to access by event goers, such as the entrance or one of the first areas after walking into the event.

Make a false wall

If the ATM is too small to make it a part of the decor or use it for decoration, you can make it look like a general part of the room. Utilize a partition and make the ATM look like a part of the wall. This will make the ATM easier to use and make sure you do not have to worry about further disruption to the room. Be sure that the partition matches the walls of the room and that it is cubby-like so that users can go in and out with ease. 


25 May 2017

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